Interval refreshments

Enjoy your 20-minute intermission in style. Refreshments to enjoy during intermission can be purchased in advance through our webshop or through our box office. You can also purchase refreshments one hour in advance from the refreshment counter (the second floor, the small counter by the window facing the park). Purchasing or booking in advance allows you to head straight to a set table with refreshments already waiting for you – helping you make the best of the short intermission.

Refreshments for our fall shows will become available for advance purchase later this spring.  Refreshments can also be purchased on site during intermission, but lines can be long and we cannot guarantee tables for everyone queueing. 

Advance- and group reservations

Advance reservations for refreshments can be made through our webshop or at our box office. Advance reservations can also be made through our phone service by calling 02 262 0030.

Groups of over 15 people should make their reservations at least five working days before the show.

Advance refreshment bookings can be paid for via billing (billing fee 10€ ) or paid for upon arrival on the day of the show, though at the latest 30 minutes before the start of the show. Bookings that have not been redeemed 30 minutes before the show will be canceled by default.

Booking deadlines

Please note that refreshment advance booking for Friday and Saturday stops on Thursday 7 PM. The booking deadline for refreshments for shows Monday–Thursday ends Monday at 4 PM. 

Themed pastries

Mbakery (winner of Finland’s Best Bakery 2015) is responsible for Turku City Theatre’s lovely themed pastries that are not available for purchase anywhere else. Our own productions for the main stage always receive custom, themed pastries in line with the day’s performance.